My sexy future bf!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Maaan..... This. I mean, HIM! HE will be.. MY BOYFRIEND! Pretteh sooooon.. or sooner.. or uhh.. whatever! Well, I do hope that he'll be my bf! He is so nice and super cute (well, for me.. I dunno about the others, but who cares?!?! I'm the one who's gon' date him anyway or yeah.. if! lololol.) AHH I REALLY REALLY LIKE HIM!!!

< *takes a break 'coz am being posessed again* >

Okay, so today was one of the nicest day my life has to offer me so faaar! Despite the fact that I had a warning in my job.. because! I move too slow when working, which is SO NOT TRUE! I am no slowpoke especially when it comes to working! And I know, I am really really trying my best 'coz I wanna make a good impression on my crush.. Matsuo san!!! Which I'll be seeing again tomo! Weee.. can't wait! No wonder I sleep early now.. 'COZ I CAN'T WAIT FOR TOMORROW TO SEE HIM! I LOVE HIM NOW!!! lololol.

And yeah, since I'm this person who hates being judged.. The warning kinda took over me and in my mind, I'm all like, 'I must hurry with my phasing.. hurry hurry hurry!!!' And because of that whenever Shunin would ask me to do something, I dunno what he wants me to do exactly because I cannot focus! So, he shouted at me (well, not intentionally 'coz he is just that type of person, well.. no wonder he has no wife yet!) And I did kinda got sensitive and just cried! Well, cried silently, ('coz am no baby no moes) while working with this numb co-worker of mine (Yoshida san) who didn't even asked me what's wrong 'cause she is just.. weird! And numb.. lifeless.. urghh whatever! So, Machang visited me on where I was assigned to and I was still crying but I covered up my face 'coz I don't want them to know (especially the Shunin) that I am being super sensitive 'coz that may lead me to losing my job! So, he said, 'The job is almost done huh?!' *in a super cute tone* And I'm like 'Uhh.. yeah', 'coz am crying! huhuhu.. and I know he knows am crying 'coz he was like trying to look at my face but yeah.. Shunin called him! (way to go Shunin for ruining a perfectly good moment!) So, the crying stopped and inside I felt so relieved and happy because I felt his concern and it's a wonderful feeling!!!

--> next story

Okay, so.. it was lunch and we were eating and all and he came in and I'm just like *ohmygoshohmygoshohmysgosh* and he noticed our food lololol (I know he's there 'coz am there and I know it! lololol) and then yeah, he removed his head gear kinda thing (well, it's our uniform soo.. urghh) And wow.. It's like I've seen a unicorn! He has long (well not that long) sexy hair and it's just.. WOW! Just wow..

THEEEN, it's time for work! And I wanted to make up for what had happened in the morning 'coz I ignored him *why would I ignore him?! Fuck!!! I'm so stupid* So, what I did was.....

Me: Nee.. Matsuo san!
Hey Matsuo San!
Matsuo: Nani?!
Me: Nanimonai yo!!!
Matsuo: NANDAYO!!!

HAHAHA!!! This trick always works.. haha

And theeen,

Me: Neeeee~
Matsuo: *with this cute WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT WITH ME stare* NA-NI?!
Me: *In a tinie tiny voice* uhh.. wasurechata mo!
uhh.. I forgot
Matsuo: *gets closer* Eh? Eh?! Nani?!?!
Matsuo: Nanka.. atama warui da ne?!?!
You are crazy huh?!?!

I know, I know.. bad impression! But I wanna make friends with him first! So don't judge!!!

And then..... when we're about to go home, he waved his hand especially FOR ME! FOR ME ONLY AND WHILE STARING AT ME! !@#$%^&*()_+!!! I LOVE YOU NOW!!! PLEASE BE MINE!!!

And yeah, Tita Josephine took a picture of him during lunch! *secretly* SHE IS SO NICE I LOVE HER NOW TOO!!!


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