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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another one of my boring posts 'coz I'm not gonna put pictures in it, but I'm just gonna tell you guys how I've been doing with my new job and what happened in my other job aaand I'll be telling about a guy I've been liking right now.. jeeeee..... :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:

So, today's my yasumi! And I'm stuck at home, resting and cleaning this pigpen house! (and now I'm typing this blog and after this I'm gonna play Sims 2.. ahh my life!) I am really really о(ж>▽<)y ☆ REALLY ENJOYING my new job 'coz the job is pretty easy.. time flies so fast and I love all my co-workers 'coz they're super nice and extremely hilarious and most of 'em are bisaya and trust me, bisaya people are the most fun people I know in my life! (in a good way.. I'm not making fun of 'em 'coz I'm part bisaya too!) AND I'M SO HAPPY! I'm liking someone in my job but I dunno if he can see me 'coz I'm wearing a mask (^~^), but he's wearing a mask too but I can automatically tell that he's cute 'coz his eyes are cute and I saw his nose lololol anyway, yesterday.. while working, I was busy doing something then he opened the door and the door bumped to me and I'm like, Ah! And he said gomenasai sooo politely ( ̄∇ ̄+) and I'm real shocked 'coz he noticed me! o(^▽^)o And I didn't say anything, 'coz I was still in shock at the moment (LOL so hopeless romantic type eww!) ( °д°), then, he went away to go on with his job. By the time he left I'm like, THAT'S HIM! (⌒¬⌒*) and my co-workers were like, WHO?! WHO?!?! and I told 'em that's him! My crush.. and then, ate Josephine (the old-timer) told me that my mask rider (lololol) has a gf in the same building except this girl works in the office and is super pretty with long curly hair and is japanese and my mask rider is a super jealous guy.. and that, if he is your bf, no other guy is allowed to talk to you! Well, actually.. I'm not dissapointed by the fact that he's a jealous type of person.. I'm dissapointed by the fact that he already has A GIRLFRIEND! 。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。 AND THAT IS SUPER PRETTY! And I can't beat that! 'Coz am fat, I can't even speak proper japanese sentence, I have short ugly hair, my face breaks out A LOT! I'm ugly! And did I mention that I'm fuckin' FAT! So.. I guess I'll just have to DREAM about this guy again.. and just HOPE that it'll come to reality someday! MAAAN! WHY AM I SOO UNLUCKY when it comes to guys! ( p_q) Like, everyfuckin' time.. I go on liking someone.. then, either that guy's going away to Canada or he already has a pretty gf! 。(´д`lll) And then I end up with guys I don't like! (Not even a slight interest) They like me.. but I don't like them.. and I don't even wanna be friends with them.. 'coz it'll be awkward and I don't want them to feel I'm interested, so I ignore 'em. (And I guess that's why I'm unlucky 'coz Cupid wants me to date someone I don't like instead!)
( ̄へ  ̄ 凸 F U CUPID!

Now, to my previous job, at the love hotel! They're all mad at me! (。-人-。) THE END!

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