A stroll in the park..

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Today, I spent my yasumi with ate Joy, his son, Toshi and my brother, Ryouta at Iwatsuki Koen. And after almost 2 years of living in Saitama.. it is actually my first time going into some park! I am actually not that into parks 'coz there's a bunch of grass and uhh.. BUGS! To say it the least, I hate nature! But I must say, I had fun and I feel relaxed 'coz the breeze was so nice that I slept on the grass.. (but not actually on the grass 'coz we had a picnic kinda sheet.. is that what you call it?!) Anyway, here are some pics of the weight losing meee with ate Joy, Toshi and Ryou.

< no need for editing 'coz the lighting's very nice and yeah.. camera quality's pretty good! >

< Sup, braaahhh?!?! >

< This is Toshi, isn't he adowable?!?! >

< Me & Toshi (I like me here! I look so natural and uhh cool! lololol.) >

< Me and ate Joy! >

..yeahhh, so that's pretty much it! I don't wanna upload everything 'coz this ain't no album! It's a blog! Oh and hey, I took a picture of my eyes there.. 'coz like am so bored, no internetzzz! (-_-;) Here it is!!!

Omg my eyes are so pretty here (not being narcissistic though) it's so different like, I have some kind of unicorn eyes or whatever..

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