Expressing my feelings.. (LOLOLOL)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I can't help but put 'LOL' on the title since it's sounds super cheesy and I ain't that type of person.. so yeah, pretty disgusting of me lololol.

OKAY!!! So, I'm still going to talk about my crush.. if you aren't interested and if you are SICK OF ME talking about him every single blog I make.. well, you are free to not read this now.. since this is about him again!

So, my co-workers/japanese friends, Megumi chan and Yokokawa san are like, super duper nice to help me win the guy I like's heart! (LOLOLOL) Last time, at the Tobacco no tokoro.. me, Megumi chan and Machang were talking about obentos and Machang said that he can't cook, and he always buy his food on a convenience store.. so, Megumi chan and Yokokawa san suggested that I should ask Machang what type of food he likes, and what he dislikes.. and ask him if I could make an obento for him.. since I can cook! nyehehe! So, yesterday.. I asked him what he dislikes and he said, he hates shitake aaand if you don't know SHITake.. it's a type of mushroom.. yeeesss.. he hates mushrooms.. WHY?! I LOVE MUSHROOMS!!! Okay okay.. so then, I asked him what food he likes.. and he's like, nandemo! lololol HE EATS EVERYTHING! except mushrooms! Omg.. I really want him as my boyfriend.. so easy to feed.. I LOVE HIM MORE NOW!!!

So theeen, I asked him if I could make an obento for him and he's like, blushing and all.. his cheeks were all red and he's like, warui yo..... (he said it's embarassing..) and I said, you're only gonna taste if my cooking's good or bad.. and he's like.. warui kedo iiyo (means OKAY!!!) omgigaaomigaaomigaaaaawd! And since we're like all alone having a conversation.. I figured I should ask him out to Karaoke with Kumiya san, Megumi chan aaand Yokokawa san and he said OKAY! Omigaaa.. so this is how it feels to court a guy.. oh my, it makes my heart melt lololol..

But I don't care what the others would say.. although it's really natural for a guy to court a girl.. in Japan, it's totally okay if a girl court's a guy.. 'coz girls here usually are the one's who express their feelings towards the guy.. so even though am pinay, I'm in Japan.. so what should I do? Yes, adapt their culture! Nyehehehe.....

Okay.. so I guess tomorrow I'll be posting the obento I made for him then! HOLY CHEESEBALLS!!! SO STRESSFUL! I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOIW TO MAKE A CUTE OBENTO!!!

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