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Friday, May 20, 2011

I was supposed to make this post yesterday but I was so tired from work that I had to sleep real early that's why I'm making it today.. even though I'm kinda sad today (no duh! It's because of my crush again!) I will make this post happen! HAHAHA!

So last Wednesday, May 18, we went to Kasukabe for our little pre-mother's day celebration, right? But, we also went to LaLa Garden and then ドン・キホテ (Don Quijote) to shop! So yeah, let me tell you guys the things that I bought! Shall we start?! OKAY!

Let's start with the stuff I bought from LaLa Garden!

Perfume from GIVENCHY, it's the 2nd best smelling perfume to date and yeah, I knew that 'coz it says so! The number 1 best smelling perfume was Chloé but it was so expensive that I chose this GIVENCHY instead! lololol. But yeah, it smells nice, it smells like flowers, the pink one smells kinda like candy but I don't want that smell 'coz it's spring! I'm supposed to smell like a flower dammit! So, I chose this! And yes, I also bought this for Sofia for my late birthday present to her!

The second thing I bought is this shirt from Honeys again! Omg sorry if I always shop there.. but I love everything they have in store so yuh! And yes, it's a polo shirt but it's super soft and comfy! Perfect for a casual spring look! And yes, I cropped it 'coz I'm going to make blogpost about it tomorrow!

And then this lovely boots! I love it so much that's why I bought it! And it's perfect for spring and I think I can wear it even on summer and fall too! Yay!

Isn't it pretty? No?! Well, you have ugly taste lololol

This is also one of the reasons why I always shop at Honeys and it's because of this stamp card. If you purchase one item that costs ¥1,000 you'll get 1 stamp, you'll get 2 for ¥2,000, 3 for ¥3,000 and so on. Once I've finished this card, I'd be able to have a ¥2,000 yen discount! Like, for example, I wanna buy this real cute shirt from them that's worth ¥3,000, I'll show 'em this card once completed and I'll be able to purchase the cute shirt for ¥1,000 instead of ¥3,000.

Oh and I almost forgot to show you guys our 'Purikura' pics!

Omg, you don't know how long it was until I had 'Purikura' with friends!

Okay okay, I hope I'm not boring you but I have something more! First, I'm going to show you guys some of the things we saw there.

You see those stuff?! Those are lashes! Holy shit right?! Like, a wild variety of lashes?! Make up gurus should come here!

Tommy bags and kitson's at the sides.

Yay Sex toys! Hahahahaha.. See? They have everything!

Lubes!!! lololol.

Omg, like okay, I'm gonna stop this post now, I'll be posting the continuation tomorrow 'coz I think this is way too long! And I'm tired, I wanna sleep!!!

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