How's your Christmas??

Monday, December 26, 2011

Mine was pretty great! I may be broke but I had a lot of fun! Here in Japan, they don't usually celebrate Christmas like in the Philippines, but since you know, we're Filipinos! We did it Philippine style. Hihi!


My cousin's gf baked these treats for us! It tastes so good too! Kinda makes me jealous! I wanna learn how she does it too!

The best part was the handing the gifts part. My uncle dressed up as Santa handing away gifts! And yeah.. he used my coat as a costume.. hmm.. I dunno if I should be happy about that..

African Santa

Mr. Santa (Thin version)

I really had a great Christmas. I guess the only thing that kinda bothered me is that I have work the next day and the shoe I gave my grandma didn't fit. So I have to go back to Omiya, where I bought it so I could get it changed. Plus, since I'm broke because my aunt asked for an expensive gift.. I asked my mom to just give me money instead of a gift. Though I really wanted a gift from her.. my mom has great taste when it comes to giving gifts but yeah.. I need money more! (TT~TT) Depressing.

Whoa whoa whoa?! Depressed?!?! Here's a Christmas cake!

But yeah.. once again, Merry merry Christmas you guys! How's your Christmas again?! Hihi.. Oh hey! New year's next! Cool! I wish I could spend it with Hachaan ~ Kekekekeke ~~~

lol. this song is not related to the post but I just love eet!

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  1. Meri Kurisumasu!! :3

  2. merry christmas! You guys really do go all out when you're celebrating

  3. The foood looks soooo goood<333 Merry Chirstmas!



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