Visee Real Extension Mascara

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hey guys! I decided to make another product review on my new favorite brand Visee! I bought this with the pallete I just reviewed and it's their new product! Here's what it looks like..

The packaging is also great as you can see! It's pretty tall.. Which I think means.. more quantity! Now let's see if the quality receives a '✰STAR✰' Hmm.....

Here's what the wand looks like! I like wands like these compared to straight ones.. and I also like the comb-like wands but this one's a brush or a scrub? Idk what you call it! I am really confused.. but here's how it looks like! You be the judge now! But I think it's great.. application's pretty nice!

Uhh.. wrong pic! I just thought I look cute here. LOL!

Close up pic. Click to enlarge me face!

Okay so it does give volume! But not much on the length.. I mean, it would look good with people with natural long lashes but it can't do much with people with naturally short lashes. I have uhh.. medium length lashes so it's fine with me!

The thing that I really like about these mascara is that it doesn't clump! Like seriously, it DOESN'T! Feel free to pack on layers and layers of mascara on to your lashes! Oh and yeah.. I thought this wasn't waterproof 'coz it doesn't say that it is (or I probably didn't read it!) but it actually is waterproof!

I really like that it doesn't dry fast, but it also doesn't dry slow.. so I can still put on layers and layers of mascara without creating a big mess on my eyes!

It's also pretty easy to remove.. and you won't get lash fall outs afterwards unlike fasio.. even though fasio is also a great mascara!

It holds curls you guys! I used this yesterday for work and I work for 8 hours straight without touch ups.. when I got home my lashes are still curly! I can't believe it! Other mascara's I've used never do that.. well except fasio!

Okay, so overall.. for me my grade for this mascara is 5/5! And a dozen of ✰STARS✰! I don't mind if it doesn't give length although it's supposed to do that.. it holds curls, gives enough volume, no clumps, no mess! So it's fine with me!

Look what this mascara did to my lashes! Isn't it awesome?!
Nante ne!!! Just Kidding!

That's it with the review! next up.. my review for the lenses I got from UNIQSO!
I just got it today and I really like it! Just on time 'coz we have something to do this friday! Yay!

Talk to you guys on my next post! Oyasumi!!!

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  1. Nice! I need a mascara like this! I just got heroine's make volume and curl though, I heard good reviews about but if it doesn't live up to them... I know what I want next :P

  2. i love the packiging, so cute and detailed :3 thanks for sharing this review, unfortunately i don't have this brand in my country :c

  3. Ooh, such cute packaging and it works so well! You look super pretty~

  4. Oooh, your eye make up looks great! And I thought your lashes looked quite long!
    Thanks for the review ^_^

  5. That mascara looks nice! You have such beautiful eyes *0*

    Here's a tag & I present you the Liebster Award!

  6. hello I'm Vendy, and I am your new follower.
    what do you think to follow each other?
    I adore your blog

    1. Oh hey! Sure sure! Thanks bby!!! <3<3<3



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