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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I've been neglecting this blog for a long time.. and honestly, I really don't know what to post anymore that's why. I have been busy with moving with my boyfriend.. getting married and stuff so yeah.. I haven't been blogging but nooow, I've thought of the things that I want to post in my blog from now on.

And that is.. Organization tips and Home Decorating! (Wow!) I promise you it won't be boring! lol. Lately, I've been to organizing and how to decorate our new apartment 'coz finally, we have our own place and my boyfriend (fiancé) doesn't know anything about decorating and organizing so he's allowing me to buy anything I want for the house! He even allowed our bed sheets to be pink! lol. Even our carpet! and I thought that it would be easy since our place is not that big.. but it's a start! I mean, we're going to live here for a long time so even tho it's not exactly OURS 'coz it's an apartment.. since we live here already we might as well decorate the place as we please! Because, when I used to live with my dad.. we used to live in an 'unattractive' apartment and altho I want to decorate it and stuff.. my dad would say, why the need? We're going to move anyways.. we're only living here temporarily! But we ended up living there for 3 years! So, imagine the stress.. for 3 years you're living in a cluttered home.. everything you see is unattractive to you.. my dad won't let me paint my room or anything. So it's stressful! No wonder I don't want to go home as much back then. So yeah.. even though you're only living in a place where you're only going to be there 'temporarily' might as well personalize the space.. make it yours! So you won't feel stressed in your own home 'coz u never know, you might end up living there for years! I actually made my first tip today! Hehe!

So.. we've only been here for a month so.. we still have missing furnitures.. I still have a lot of stuff I left in my dad's place so it's a good thing I can start this blog now so I can show you guys before and afters! And I might make a video about it 'coz I was inspired by these youtubers, OrganizedClutterbug, DoItOnADime, AnneOrShine and GlamourMakeUpByNancy. They're my favorite 'coz they have budget friendly ideas to decorate the house and turn ugly furniture to new pretty furniture on a budget! So I think it's convenient and I wanted to do it as well.. that's why I've been to buying craft stuff lately instead of make up! Haha.. I'm blabbering.. but yeah, one of the reasons why I also want to do this blog is because of the TLC tv show Hoarders. Have u seen that show? Yeah? Well.. now u know why I want to be a clean freak! Why I want to make my place look presentable and all.. 'coz I don't wanna end up like those people in the show.. tho, I know they have mental issues and all and I shouldn't be judging them.. but if you've seen that show you know what I'm talking about and it's just wrong.. so wrong! So yeah! End of rant! I'll be back with new ideas! Bye bye~

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