~ Happy Birthday To Me ~

Friday, September 26, 2014

Yay I'm 22! And I'm really happy 'coz I'm going to be a mom at 22 with a baby boy we're going to name Haruki . We're really excited to see him Only 4 more months to go! I can't wait for my late birthday/christmas gift and it'll be my little boy Yeah, honestly ever since I got pregnant it's not about ooh I want this and that.. it all became ohh I want this for my boy! I want this for our house! I want my husband to wear this! I thought I'd become so selfless and I'm just so proud of myself! Haha.. which is why on my birthday.. it's actually 22nd of September, but we celebrated it on 21st with my family only! Except for my dad.. he couldn't come 'coz my mom and stepfather was invited.

Here's Aya and me! She's my cousin's wife and she's pregnant aswell!

I honestly don't know what's up with this year, 2014.. I mean, probably half the people I knew got pregnant! I can name dozens of people who got pregnant this year! It's like this year's pregnant season!

And here's my cousin(right) and my husband(left)

We just got married on Sept. 19 and we just had our 1st anniversary of being together on Sept. 23 Haha.. Idk how but everything just went quickly with him! Haha.. but I'm happy and I have no regrets marrying him 'coz he's the best!

Our marriage was pretty simple! We just signed and passed the paper on our City Hall and that's it! No ceremony nor celebration 'coz he's going to work after. (He's on nightshift for the week.) HAHA! We didn't even took a picture of us 'coz we're literally wearing clothes we normally wore around the house! And look at our marriage paper! Super dirty! Lots of erase marks! Haha..

The ceremony will have to wait once the baby comes out and we have the money and most importantly is when I can fit in a wedding dress! HAHA!

Aaand that's it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Btw, this icecream cake is super yummy! Husband bought it from Baskin Robbins.

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