Pregnancy Update!

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

In this picture I'm 27 weeks but now I'm on my 28th week but I'm almost on my 29th! Yay.. only a few more weeks then I'll be poppin' my baby out! I really want him to come out already.. 'Coz pregnancy is hard! Especially now I'm on to my last trimester.. this trimester has been the most exhausting! I can't sleep, my back aches A LOT! I feel so heavy, my clothes don't fit me huhu.. I get tired easily aaand I'm constantly hungry! And I wanted to eat sweets all the time but I can't 'coz I'm dieting while I'm pregnant! Can you believe that?! Well.. ask my doctor! 'Coz he told me so!

So last month, I had my regular check up and the doctor told me that there's a possibility that I may have gestational diabetes 'coz I gained 10kg and I'm only 7 months.. (WOW!) and my baby was also ginormous (Ok, I'm exagerating) for his supposed size so my doctor told me that I should get tested for GD in a week AND he gave me a DIET PLAN! Ok, so he didn't give it to me.. he made me have this talk with a dietician and the dietician gave it to me. (LOL) So from now on.. until I give birth! I'm only allowed to consume 1500kcal a day! So yeah.. no more sweets, byebye cola! No more snacks! Only 1/2 a cup of rice a meal and only 1 fruit a day! And I'm only allowed to eat certain types of meat so at first it was difficult for us because me and my husband LOVES eating but he didn't want me to have complications so my husband became super strict when it comes to food! We'd only buy low fat/low calorie foods and no more processed foods so I admit it did save us a lot of money.. and so far I lost 3kg! On my first week of eating healthy I admit it was difficult but in 2 weeks I lost 2kg already and this week I lost 1kg! (SO EASY HUH?! LOL) Last 3 weeks I guess.. I got tested for GD and then the results came a week later which was also my regular check up aaand the results came negative! I don't have GD and I lost 2kg that time and the doctor said my baby is healthy and he's not as big as he was before so I'm very happy! Plus, I'm getting used to this diet thing so I may continue doing this until I reached my weight goal.. for now, my doctor only told me to maintain the weight I have now so everything's cool! PREGNANCY IS HARD!

This is me now!

Next time, if I ever get pregnant again..
I'll make sure I'm not fat! So I can enjoy eating whatever I want! HAHA!

We still haven't bought stuff for our baby but I was lucky to receive hand-me-downs from my friend's brother.. (I don't have pics 'coz it's in the washing machine) and I'm so lucky that I have the nicest mother-in-law ever to get maternity clothes for me!

So that's it for my pregnancy update.. hopefully we'd get a bigger mirror soon! We're still lacking tons of stuff for our apartment but we're getting there.. can't wait for my next post to be about organizing! (LOL. what a dork!)

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