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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Me and my husband have been saving money for our baby so instead of buying new stuff for the house and some extra expensive stuff for baby.. we went shopping at Off House (Recycle Shop/Thrift Store) near our house and I actually got some pretty cool cheap stuff there~ except the Disney frame/photo album thing that I got from a different recycle shop which was crappy! I'm not going back there! And it only costs me ¥410 and Disney stuff are usually expensive! This picture frame/photo album looks expensive and kinda new because it was in a box and there were no dents and scratches so I think it's a good find! I thought of displaying it and putting tons of our family pictures there!

Then I got me a Christmas decor which was a vase with a fake poinsettia inside and a floating candle~ You put water inside the vase and it looks really fancy! I'm going to post a picture of my dining table next time with the vase as a center piece so you can see how fancy it looks for only ¥540! Cool huh? I think this retails for ¥1,000??? or more? But I got it for cheap which was really awesome!

I also got an ashtray.. I can definitely buy cheaper ones at 100 Shop (Everything costs ¥108 there) but I'd rather get this ashtray which costs ¥324 'coz it looks fancy compared to 100 Shop ashtrays which look really cheap and tacky?? But for this fancy looking ashtray I think it's a good find!

Last is the Combi Quick Warmer which only costs ¥540!!! And this baby retails for about ¥3,000-¥4,000 and it's practically brand new! It even has a manual with it and I got it for super CHEAP! Which makes me really happy! I feel so lucky!

ONLY ¥1,814

I also got a crib there which costs ¥4,320 only! And cribs usually retails around ¥10,000-¥30,000 or more! But it's pretty used but I can clean it and make it look it pretty again! I'll post it next time since I haven't done cleaning and assembling it.. plus we haven't bought baby beddings~ which we're going to buy brand new because I don't want no bed bugs all over my baby's bed!

Once I'm finished with my baby's bed and everything! I'll post a picture and the dining room~ and Christmas decorations?!?! Ahh.. I feel so overwhelmed! But, glad at the same time because I can finally see my house getting together!

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  1. Great finds! Sometimes thrift stores are amazing and sometimes they are not. I think that it's great you guys are saving up money for the baby ^^

    Congrats btw! ❤ Can't wait to see new baby update & room update ~
    Take it easy hun!

    1. I know! Good thing the thrift store near us have great stuff!
      I thought it's a good idea to be practical and spend money
      on what he really needs! Hehe.. Thank you girl! I can't wait
      to post tons of pics of him on my blog! Hahaha!!! \(^o^)/



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