Haru's 5 months old!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Haru just turned 5 months today and I'm really excited to start introducing him to foods! I let him drink soup and juice today. Maybe I'll start introducing him to solids by the time he's 5 ½ months old. Really excited!

Hi! I'm Haru! And I'm 5 months old today!

Haru's grumpy today so here's his 'I don't wanna take a picture' face!

Look mama! I can do this with my feet!

It's 'tradition' that I do this every month 'coz I wanted to put this on his Photobook I'm working on.. wanna see?

I'm making this on Shutterfly btw.

I actually got the idea of taking his pic monthly in numbers from Cheeserland! I'm sorry for copying you Cheesie! You're my 'momspiration' dakara! (Momspiration?! Lol.)

And as a 5 month anniversary gift I thought I'd get him a brand new stroller!
A Mickey Mouse stroller!

I bought Haru a new stroller 'coz the one's he's been using was a hand-me-down from a friend and it's kinda wobbly.. I thought Haru won't be safe riding it anymore.

I've been googling 'best strollers for babies' for days! And I couldn't decide on any. Until I saw this! I wanted to give Haru something Disney themed so I ordered this on Rakuten. This was a bit expensive so my wallet's going to be crying next month! But, 'It's better to spend money on something expensive but you really like rather than spend money on something cheap that you don't even like.' Lol. And isn't it cute?! It's Mickey Mouse and it's from Graco. One of the 'good' brands here in Japan. Most of their strollers are cute! They even have a My Melody stroller! Too bad Haru isn't a girl or else I would've bought this one! Lol. 

And a 'Hello Kitty' one. めちゃ可愛い!

And their strollers are not as expensive unlike other brands in Japan. They won't go up to ¥50,000 and they have a variety of designs! So it's a good brand. Great investment!

Aaand that's it! I thought I'd blog about being a mom sometimes.. I've never posted about Haru when he's 1-4 months old. And I thought maybe I'd share he's milestones from now on. (◡‿◡✿)

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  1. such a sweet baby and so great stuff =D



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