My New Baby! Dyson V8

Wednesday, October 05, 2016


MY NEW BABY!!! OMG!!! I'm sooo HAPPY! I have the best husband ever! He bought me a Dyson for a birthday present! Because I've wanted this since it released but it was worth ¥104,544 at that time! So expensive! But they're on sale at the moment and Dyson V8 Absolute Extra dropped its price to ¥78,408. I dunno the difference between Absolute Extra and Absolute except for the color I guess? Absolute Extra has some 'extra' color (blue) to it I guess while Absolute is just plain 'ol titanium and maybe because they don't sell Absolute Extras in stores but their official site only. I decided I just wanted the Absolute because of the color but it still retails to ¥104,544 on their official site. So we 'researched' at and found that Yamada Denki sells these for ¥70,720 plus 5 years warranty!!! So we went to Yamada Denki yesterday and it's retailed for ¥72,800 so I asked the guy selling these, 'Should I just get this at the Yamada Denki site because it's only retailed for ¥70,720 there?' And his like, 'I'll go look into it ma'am'. He comes back and says, 'We'll give it to you for ¥70,720 plus 5 years warranty'. And I'm SOLD!!! That's a tip right there if you're here in Japan. Tell 'em you found it somewhere cheaper and then they'll sell it to you for that price and even give you points! You can actually buy stuff from points so you could save those and they don't expire. I've tried doing that at Biccamera and Yamada Denki and it works. I know, I'm cheap! I'm sorry! But if you could get it slightly cheaper, why not right?

It's nicely placed beside our washing machine but I wonder?

I've thought of placing it here 'coz it would be a lot easier to take out..

But I didn't want it to be seen when you enter the room? See it's not visible!

Anyway, I love this vacuum! This is the best purchase we've done for the year! Lol. It's perfect for our small 2 storey home! While I do think V6 is perfect for those who live in apartments. So yeah, Dyson's the best! Although there are a lot of cheaper 'dupes' for this vacuum. NOTHING BEATS DYSON! Atleast for me! Hehe..

Aaand I'm not done yet! I wanted to include what happened yesterday. Since Nitori (Japanese Home Stuff Store) is just right in front of Yamada Denki I thought I'd just drop by and get a few stuff for the house and then I saw this!

For only ¥1,990 I grabbed it instead of buying online, plus it seemed very sturdy! I dropped their tester and it didn't crack at all but when I got home and tore the plastic cover open, this is what it looked like..

I swear to God I didn't even drop this! I thought maybe I got a defect and realized it when I opened the plastic because it was in the back so I didn't notice. I want it replaced OMG! We're going back tomorrow to get a replacement.. HOPEFULLY! Urghh.. this is what happens when I get too excited or too happy. I'm gonna remind myself not be too happy nor excited so I don't have to deal with shit like this! But yeah, I end this post with my two lovelies! Because I caught 'em sleeping like this and they're both so cute! I had to!

'Thank you my darlings! I love you two so sooo much! Thank you Papa for everything!'

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