Natural Trend Gel Nail Set Review

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Wow! It's been a while since I've done a review! And I kinda miss it! So today, I'm gonna review what my friend bought me as a birthday present and one I've been wanting since March is this Natural Trend Gel Nail Set! It's from Rakuten and I figured since Rakuten ship internationally.. why not make a review about it so if one of you guys might be interested, you could go buy it? Here's the shop link. So yeah, here goes the review!

It came in this tiny box! Packaging's great and it came exactly on my birthday!

Includes a free vanity! They have this one and a light pink one!
Sadly you can't choose which bag you want, they'll give it to you randomly.

However, you can change the color of your LED! Although the only variations are a white and a hot pink one. They changed the LEDs included in the set 'coz I remember they used to include a 6W mini LED with a variety of colors. Now they only offer white and hot pink and they upgraded the LED from 6W to 15W. It means less waiting time for your nails to dry!

Here's all that it came with for ¥5,555 which is around $50. More or less!
I already used it so it looked used? Hahaha!

Top Coat, Base Coat and Clear Gel have a pretty decent quantity? There all 10ml.

The gel is pretty tiny though? It's my first time getting gel nails so I don't know if the container is supposed to be this tiny? This tiny container only holds 5ml of gel but a little goes a long way anyway. I've tried it and I only have to put one coat and it's pretty opaque.

I have this on me for about a week and there may be a little chip but it still looks good! Nail polish won't even last a week on me plus the hassle of drying your nails with nail polish. I don't get that hassle from gel! The hassle of removing it though? I guess that's one of the cons of gel! Hahaha..

The brushes are quite small but it's perfect for beginners like me!
Maybe when I get used to it I'll invest in some new brushes!

If you love glitter, now's the time to be sad (Lol. Why? Haha!)
Because the glitters are not as much as it may seem~

They're in this tinnie tiny container with a concaved bottom
so you think you have lots of glitters but you really don't!

I'm not a glitter girl anyway so it's okay! I'm more of a matte girl! And my matte gel top coat is on it's way~ I ordered myself one and new colors after I just found out that this could be my new hobby! So yeah, this is about the end of my review! The verdict is, I LOVE IT DUH! It's a gift! And I've always wanted this since March and it's the cheapest yet the cutest of all the sets I've searched in Rakuten! Anyways, I end this post with spilled glitters! 'Coz I spilled the glitters while taking pics for this blog post! Here you go! Byebye~!

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