Going on a Keto Diet

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hey guys! So I wanted to share my adventures of losing weight! I recently just lost 10kg in 6 weeks. So that's big! It's like I lost a baby in me. I remember making a blog post of me starting to eat healthy but yeah.. it obviously didn't work out. I just became a lot bigger than I was when I was pregnant!

Backstory: When I was pregnant with my son, I was 83kg. After I gave birth I was 73kg and then I became bigger and bigger.. and after all my diet ups and downs I reached 86kg! Only 14kg to a hundred! I am obese! Like when I was 63kg and people would still call me fat and obese at the time.. well, at the time I was only overweight. This time I am OBESE! And I'm still obese until I reach 69kg which would make me just overweight. This is according to a BMI calculator.

I don't have a pic when I was 86kg but in this pic I think I was about 83kg.
This was taken in 03/14/2016.
13615229_1089588251079672_4067833134491471824_nThis is how big I have become. 83kg
I hate the word obese 'coz to me it seems unhealthy. I hate that I am obese that's why I'm not dieting anymore but I'm making a lifestyle change. Dieting TO ME is like, I am going to this event, I should lose weight and I would lose the weight successfully and after the event I would stop dieting, I would go eat a lot more and would gain a lot more weight! It's a never ending cycle! I've tried so many diets.. there's the low calorie diet, eating less and more cardio, eating ANYTHING I want within 8 hours, eating ANYTHING before 6pm.. I've done so many diets but none of 'em work because I can't stop myself from eating more and more after I'm done dieting! It's like I've missed food so much that I'm eating way more than before. TO ME, all these diets would JUST NOT WORK OUT.


This was me 3 years ago and I was about 63-65kg at the time.
I used to be 75kg but I ate less and ran a lot and that's how I reached 63kg.

I liked how I look before because I could fit in cute clothes!
Even medium sized clothes fits me! But now.. it's just.. meh.
EXCEPT with KETO DIET. I mean, to me losing weight is a STRUGGLE because I'm one of those people who would gain weight fast and would lose weight slowly. I've been fat all my life ever since I was born! But thank God with KETO DIET I've been doing this for almost 2 months now and it has been life changing! Yeah, I know! Life changing in 2 months? That's crazy! But no, this diet has helped me lose 8kg in a month! I lost 2kg in 2 weeks before entering keto because I thought I couldn't do it cold turkey but yeah.. from 86kg to 76kg in 6 weeks! And I will continue.. I've got a lot more weight to lose! I mean to me this isn't just a normal diet.. it's a lifestyle change. And I wanted to thank my friend for introducing me to this diet! She has a blog too (https://tokyofamilylifestyle.wordpress.com/). She started doing this diet and lost 16kg in 2 months! And she looks fantastic! And I want that too! I want to look fantastic and feel fantastic!

Me now. It's a bathroom mirror, we don't have a giant mirror yet..

It's fall now so winter is coming.. and I'm so happy that I'm able close the zipper of my favorite jacket! Last winter I couldn't close it anymore 'coz it wouldn't fit me. But now that I can, I am super happy! I'm going to continue with this diet until I reached my weight goal which is 50kg.

Even after that because I don't EVER want to become obese, I plan to only eat carbs in the morning but in the evening I would cut carbs so I think that could work.. that's what my mother in law is doing 'coz she's done keto too!

Anyways, this is a very long post so I'm just gonna post a video of one of my favorite youtubers to explain what keto diet is. Will update again in another month! Bye~!

This was her 3 years ago and she looks a lot slimmer now.

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